Master in Logic

The purpose of the Master’s Programme in Logic is to provide a new generation of students with thorough theoretical knowledge, and the ability to apply it, within a central intellectual field, which gets its theoretical interest and practical value from a unique combination of humanities, mathematics and information science. For the Faculty of Arts this is a commitment to promote and further develop the field of mathematical humanities.

The main goal is that students, after successful completion of the programme, will have a coherent training and thorough understanding of the theoretical fundamentals of the subject of logic itself, its general role in the sciences and humanities, as well as its applications in fields like philosophy, linguistics, mathematics and computer science. Students will be well prepared for a career of research and development in logic and its applications, both in academia and industry.

The programme starts with a number of core courses, common for all students, which provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of theoretical logic and its applications, and then follow elective courses, tailored to the background, interests and career plans for individual students.

For more information see the official information at the University of Gothenburg or the information available at the learning management system.