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Upcoming seminars

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Victor Lisinki (Corpus Christi, Oxford) – Decidability problems in number theory

In its modern formulation, Hilbert’s tenth problem asks to find a general algorithm which decides the solvability of Diophantine equations. While this problem was shown to be unsolvable due to the combined work of Davis, Putnam, Robinson and Matiyasevich, similar question can be posed over domains other than the integers. Among the most important open questions in this area of research is if a version of Hilbert’s tenth problem for Fp((t)), the field of formal Laurent series over the finite field Fp, is solvable or not.

Dag Normann (Oslo) – An alternative perspective on Reverse Mathematics

In his address to the International Congress of Mathematics in Vancouver, 1974, Harvey Friedman launched a program where the aim would be to find the minimal set of axioms needed to prove theorems of ordinary mathematics. More than often, it turned out that the axioms then would be provable from the theorems, and the subject was named Reverse Mathematics. In this talk we will survey some of the philosophy behind, and results of, the early reverse mathematics, based on the formalisation of mathematics within second order number theory.

This talk is part of the Nordic Online Logic Seminar.