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Anupam Das (University of Birmingham) – On the proof theoretic strength of cyclic reasoning

Cyclic (or circular) proofs are now a common technique for demonstrating metalogical properties of systems incorporating (co)induction, including modal logics, predicate logics, type systems and algebras. Inspired by automaton theory, cyclic proofs encode a form of self-dependency of which induction/recursion comprise special cases. An overarching question of the area, the so-called ‘Brotherston-Simpson conjecture’, asks to what extent the converse holds.

This talk is part of the Nordic Online Logic Seminar.
Mateusz Łełyk (University of Warsaw) – Axiomatizations of Peano Arithmetic: a truth-theoretic view

We employ the lens provided by formal truth theory to study axiomatizations of PA (Peano Arithmetic). More specifically, let EA (Elementary Arithmetic) be the fragment I∆0 + Exp of PA, and CT[EA] be the extension of EA by the commonly studied axioms of compositional truth CT. The truth theory delivers a natural preorder on the set of axiomatizations: an axiomatization A is greater or equal to an axiomatization B if and only if, over CT-[EA], the assertion “All axioms from A are true” implies “All axioms from B are true”. Our focus is dominantly on two types of axiomatizations, namely: (1) schematic axiomatizations that are deductively equivalent to PA, and (2) axiomatizations that are proof-theoretically equivalent to the canonical axiomatization of PA.

João Pedro Paulos (Chalmers)
Fredrik Engström (FLoV)
Eleni Gregoromichelaki (FLoV)
Paula Quinon (Warsaw University of Technology)
Logic Seminar