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Upcoming seminars

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Dominik Wehr (FLoV) – Abstract Cyclic Proofs

Cyclic proof systems permit derivations to contain cycles, thereby serving as finite representations of non-wellfounded derivation trees. Such cyclic proof systems have been proposed for a broad range of logics, especially those with fixed-point features or inductively defined objects of reasoning. The soundness of such systems is commonly ensured by only considering those cyclic derivations as proofs which satisfy a so-called global trace condition.

Nordic Online Logic Seminar
Lars Birkedal (Aarhus University) – Iris: A Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic Framework

I will introduce some of our research on Iris, a higher-order concurrent separation logic framework, implemented and verified in the Coq proof assistant, which can be used for mathematical reasoning about safety and correctness of concurrent higher-order imperative programs. Iris has been used for many different applications; see iris-project.org for a list of research papers. However, in this talk I will focus on the Iris base logic (and its semantics) and sketch how one may define useful program logics on top of the base logic. The base logic is a higher-order intuitionistic modal logic, which, in particular, supports the definition of recursive predicates and whose type of propositions is itself recursively defined.

This talk is part of the Nordic Online Logic Seminar.