Wednesday, 20 November

9.30 Mai Gehrke Equations as a tool for studying logic fragments
coffee break
11.00 Sebastian Enqvist and Valentin Goranko A temporal logic for concurrent coalitional strategies in multi-player games
11.40 Michał Walicki Circularity in graph normal form
12.20 Clemens Kupke, Johannes Marti and Yde Venema Size matters in the modal mu-calculus
lunch break
14.30 Mads Dam On first-order μ-calculus as a language independent program verification framework
coffee break
16.00 Antti Kuusisto A Turing-complete extension of first-order logic
16.40 Paulo Guilherme Santos and Reinhard Kahle Yablo's paradox revisited
17.20 Mattias Granberg Olsson Truth and fix-points for almost negative formulae
19.00 Public Lindström Lecture: Johan van Benthem Logic and Agency: The Promises and The Challenges

Thursday, 21 November

9.30 Helle Hvid Hansen Complete proof systems for Parikh's Game Logic
coffee break
11.00 Daniyar Shamkanov Non-well-founded derivations in the Godel-Lob provability logic
11.40 Sonia Marin On cut-elimination for non-wellfounded proofs: the case of PDL
12.20 Malvin Gattinger and Yde Venema Interpolation for PDL: an open problem?
lunch break
14.30 Research Lindström Lecture: Johan van Benthem Dynamic Logics of Modal Change
coffee break
16.00 Anupam Das Project announcement: Structure vs Invariants in Proofs (StrIP)
17.00 Panel discussion
19.00 Conference dinner

Friday, 22 November

9.30 Paul-André Melliès Higher-order parity automata
coffee break
11.00 Sorin Stratulat Efficient validation of FOLID cyclic induction reasoning
11.40 Abhishek De, Luc Pellissier and Alexis Saurin Towards circular proof nets
12.20 Daichi Hayashi On Friedman-Sheard theories for recursive realizability
lunch break
14.30 Amina Doumane Bouncing threads for infinitary and circular proofs
coffee break
16.00 Andreas Abel Resolving the circularity of infinite processes via sized coinductive types
16.40 Paul Kindvall Gorbow and Graham E. Leigh The reflective multiverse of set theory
17.20 Stepan Kuznetsov Half a way towards circular proofs for Kleene lattices